Case-studies that explain all goal oriented processes from the brief stage to the final stage which are created in various disciplines in order to effectively combine the messages of our customers with their audience in line with their brand goals.



We have transformed the digital world into characters to strengthen the interaction of mobile games with consumers and to make them shelf owners in technology markets, and packaged them. 


Beyond downloading consumers' favorite games into their mobile phones, we have wanted the game world to find an answer in the objective world. We have ensured that the extension of the virtual world we carry to this world reflects the fun and current game world.


We have aimed for virtual games to objectively interact with potential customers of the technology markets, thus allowing consumers relatively distant from this world to tap into the games and approach into the game world.


The naked character named VIDOO that we have created turns into that character by taking on the character of each game mentioned. So basically, it allows you to feel familiar by reflecting on all other game characters based on a single character. In addition, the fact that the character can be purchased in three dimensions and the game can be installed on your phone with this package narrows the gap between the objective and virtual world and offer the consumer a more familiar world. Besides, it is possible to create a collection with the purchased characters. The fact that the buyer, who is distant from the consumption of the relatively virtual world, also has a three-dimensional object, removes the feeling of insufficiency that he/she may feel while shopping.

Welcome to the giant and virtual world of this naughty and unruly character.

Sector: Mobil Game 
Discipline: Charachter Design