We create communications and marketing strategies for business and non-profit organizations worth talking about. We tell your story in creative concepts, experiences, video and visuals to engage customers, communities and supporters. We help build brands that people trust.

Melon is a full-service communications and marketing agency assisting corporations and non-profit organizations. Melon strives to design and develop most effective way to communicate with target audiences and demographics to promote products and causes to achieve best results.

Melon Communication and Marketing Agency (CMA) develops strategies based on value-oriented marketing for its customers. Melon wears its customer’s hats to get to know them as well as it can before acting on its plans. It develops appropriate strategies by conducting data-oriented researches on determining the target audience for the customer and examining the existing target audience.

Melon communications and marketing agency’s non-profit suit develops and implements activities and strategies employed by a nonprofits organization that are designed to spread the message of the organization, as well as to solicit donations and call for volunteers and or any kind of support. Our nonprofit communications and marketing services involves all kind of activities to build awareness of your issue and to gain any kind of requested support from the public for its cause.

Melon CMA; with its fully multidiscipline equipped service suits, provides all communications and marketing services from strategy building up to lead generation executions.

At Melon CMA, our talented team members, determine the best approach to suit your target, mission, and work on those until they are stable, and you do them every year. For us “consistency is the key to success.” Once we implement an approach, we “innovate constantly.”

"Smart strategy based on deep insight and data."



In today's constant changing and developing world, where customer relations and communication evolve intensely by becoming more digital every day, we, as Melon CMA, embrace the brands as our own by staying as close as possible with our customers, creating a harmony by internalizing the corporate cultures.

In line with the goals of our customers, we make the necessary strategic planning and tactical applications in the light of these strategies in the most efficient way through the right channels.

Staying within the lines of professional ethical rules in our relationships with our customers, we support them with our professional communication and marketing by removing our Melon hat which inspired our agency’s name and wearing their hat instead which enables us to stand and see from where they stand and take them to the point where they wish to reach.

As Melon CMA, our strongest forte is to understand our customers very well and to be the best companion and biggest supporter in their brand journey.




We expect from a communication agency to be creative while making use of the instruments at its hand. We expect from it to be an agency not only fulfilling the whole function of communication perfectly, but also producing difference-creating works.

Melon is an agency that blends the power of the experimented and tested knowledge with creative thinking, and is aware that this will create difference for its customers. This is the very thought that rests at the center of Melon's productivity.

It seeks not for what is ordinary and familiar, but for what is foreseeable and inspiring.