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Early diagnosis and treatment saves lives in breast cancer. That is why it is quite critical that every woman has to gain awareness, and begin self-treatment in this respect as from the age 20. We have introduced the Pink Seat project for raising awareness in breast cancer.


Pink Seat project has been introduced with the collaboration of Zorlu PSM (Performance Arts Center) and Turkish Breast Foundation throughout October, the month that has been accepted worldwide as the breast cancer awareness month so as to raise awareness in respect of breast cancer.



This project has been made up in response to the need to implement projects for creating social awareness as a consequence of the ever-increasing number of incidences in breast cancer, as being the most frequent type of cancer, and therefore seen as one of the major health problems worldwide. Efforts were made to cause the society become more informed and aware of this disease, which may be cured definitely by means of awareness and early diagnosis.



It was aimed to create awareness by way of getting seats dressed in pink in the number determined by the management of Zorlu PSM, which operates the most prominent halls of Turkey, hosting world-famous shows of all sorts, and thereby to reach the spectators coming to the activities on site in October, when Zorlu PSM halls begin their new season. Z-card presentation cards with content raising awareness in breast cancer were placed in the pockets of the seats dressed in pink. Furthermore, contents that described the activity, and motivated women about breast cancer were displayed in the LED screens placed in and out of the show-grounds.

Client: Zorlu PSM - MEVA
Sector: Non-Profit Organization
Discipline: Awarness Project
Partner: Turkey Breast Foundation (MEVA)
Project Team: Cemre Baykal, Kenan Yılmaz, Ece Diloba, Ömer Emre Temiz