Case-studies that explain all goal oriented processes from the brief stage to the final stage which are created in various disciplines in order to effectively combine the messages of our customers with their audience in line with their brand goals.


This two-act opera, Libretto of which is written by Lorenzo da Ponte, and which was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, has been blended with today's popular culture, and reinterpreted by Oslo Opera.


The sensational, and long-banned work of its time has been adapted to the realities and popular culture of today.


In this interpretation of the opera, the male-female relations being dealt with by the work, as well as the social ethics being nourished therefrom is dealt with in ‘Big Brother’ TV format. In this context, it not only sheds light onto the voyeuristic and moralistic, and therefore judgmental side of the society, but also bravely questions the individual's hypocritical and inconsistent willpower in the uncanny waters of the bilateral relations.


What we are wanted is to design the visual communication activities for the work's interpretation built on today's popular culture. From this standpoint, we have designated a concept that is multi-colored just as in a Big Brother house, that is attractive with its colorfulness, and finally that remains within the color spectrum of the TV broadcast band. We also interpreted the name of the work in a way reminiscing the ‘Big Brother’ logo. Having torn Cosi Fan Tutte logo into vertical parts, we made the logo not only legible, but also attractive by means of vibrations. We also made referential use of the vertical sliding movement in the TV screens in all our works. Having fed the hollowed logo with the vertical strips we used on the background, we shattered the two-dimensionality on the banner, and increased the perception of depth. Besides, we turned today's perception of screen into a part of our work by way of tearing the backgrounds where typography is placed on pixel basis.

It was fun for us to give a shout out to Mozart and Ponte from today's popular world.

Client: Oslo Opera House, Norway
Sector: Art / Music
Discipline: Visual Communication